Philtech will leverage the wealth of scientific knowledge and engineering know-how from the industry-leading semiconductor development experience, and deliver new products and services to contribute to emerging and rapidly growing global markets.

About Philtech

Company Name

Philtech Inc.


Head office
ZIP CODE : 113-0034
5F Yushima Ohta Building
2-29-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Fuchu Laboratory
ZIP CODE : 183-0051
1-5-14 102 Ikesho-Bldg., Sakae-cho, Fuchu-City, Tokyo

Established on

21st, May 2001 in Tokyo

Totla Capital

350,920,000 Japanese Yen

Board of Directors

Yuji Furumura (Chairman of the board)
Shinji Nishihara
Takeo Suzuki
Masaro Fujinuma
Mutsunori Sano
Kimihisa Yamagami

Auditing Officer

Haruhiko Hachiya
Yoshifumi Kawamoto

Major Clients

ADVANTEST Corporation / Apprecia Technology Inc. / ULVAC,Inc. / EBARA Corporation / Elpida Memory,Inc. / Canon ANELVA Corporation / JSR Trading Co.,Ltd. / Synergy-Tech Co.,Ltd. / DAINIPPON SCREEN MFG.CO.,LTD / TAIYO NIPPON SANSO CORPORATION / DISCO Corporation / Tokyo Electron GROUP / TOKYO SEIMITSU CO.,LTD. / The National Unversity Corporation the Unversity of Tokyo / TOSHIBA GROUP / Naigai TEC Corporation / NIKON CORPORATION / Nissan Chemical Industries,Ltd / Nissin ION Equipment Co.,Ltd / ASM Japan K.K. / The Japan Steel Works Ltd. / HITACHI GROUP / FUJITSU GROUP / FUJIFILM CORPORATION / FUJIMI INCORPORATED / Renesas Technology Group / Applied Materials,Inc. / Lam Research Corporation / Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc.

Biography Yuji Furumura

CEO FurumuraYuji Furumura was born in Yoichi-cho Hokkaido, Japan, in 1950. He received Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Tohoku University, Sendai and joined Fujitsu Ltd. in 1979.
His first paper entitled "Excitonic effect in ZnTe at E0 and E1 gaps studied by wavelength-modulated reflectivity spectroscopy" was accepted by Physical Review B in 1979.
In Fujitsu Ltd., he was engaged in development of high-volume Silicon-epi-tool, SiC hetero-epitaxy tool, silicon substrate specification for device production.
He first developed the off-axis-substrate epitaxy and filed the Japan patent in 1985. The off-axis substrate have been used in LED or power device industry. He piloted FeRAM manufacturing and its reliability improvement.
He executed a technology representative of Fujitsu semiconductor group in some global cooperation task force and joint development project with major makers. He left Fujitsu Ltd. and founded Philtech Inc. in 2001.
In Philtech Inc., he, CEO, has been running business of test-wafer, tool, and material, looking at ECO-industry or energy innovations. Test wafers are leading-edge consumables in semiconductor development. Tool business is focusing on low cost manufacturing of qualified films on continuous substrates or rolled films unlimited in size. The tool is based on Heat-Beam technology that was developed as Philtech technology. The Heat-Beam tool can produce crystals like silicon or others. The tool can also produce conductors like Cu, Ag, TiN or carbon-based materials like grapheme and CNT.
He filed patents more than 180 including 130 Fujitsu patents The latest patents are about the Heat-Beam CVD and annealing that are suitable for manufacturing Photovoltaic and FPD(Flat Panel Display) large in size. Heat-beam cylinder, that emit a high flow-rate gas at a high temperature above 1000℃, is used to convert wasted organic materials to reusable materials.


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