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Test Wafer

SiC Hetero-crystal growth on off-axial (111) Si substrate

Philtech will do consulting based on heteroepitaxial growth experience of compound Semiconductors on off-axial substrate.

[Technology references]
1) Origin of ‘off-axial substrate crystal growth ’ was described in Furumura's
doctoral thesis:
A mixed crystal system of ZnTe, ZnSe, and ZnS in 1978.
2) SiC Heteroepitaxial growth on an off-axial (111) Si substrate was filed by
Fujitsu Ltd. as a Japan Patent in 1985.
3)Paper of Heteroepitaxial β-SiC on off-axial Si substrate from a
SiHCl3-C3H8-H2 system was published in 1986.
Denshi Tsushin Gakkai Ronbunshi 1986-06, Vol.69-C, No.6; pp.705~714.
4) Translated paper in English was published in 1987.
Electronics and Communications in Japan Part2 Vol.70, No.5, 1987.
5) Paper of Heteroepitaxial β-SiC on Si was published in 1988.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.135, No.5, May 1988.
6) US Airforce reported this off-axial SiC technology in 1993 with other
technologies of SiC and GaN in Japan. Three researchers in the report
won the Nobel Prize in 2014.

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