Super Steam Generator / Heat Beam Cylinder
(High efficient compact heat exchanger)

Test Wafer

News Release


Yuji Furumura, Philtech Inc. CEO, lectured in the 6th forum : Silicon and related semiconductor material for power device held at Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry with title of Production Technology Found and Learned through Silicon Epitaxy. Details


Opened Fuchu Laboratory for study and development of HB technology and products.
1-5-14 102 Ikesho-Bldg., Sakae-cho, Fuchu-City, Tokyo


Philtech exhibited hydrogen-emitting HB Cylinder at the Hydrogen-station Infrastructure Technology Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight.


Philtech exhibited a PET film with Al2O3 barrier grown at room temperature by Heat-Beam CVD technology on Finetech Japan held at Tokyo Big Sight.


Philtech exhibited the HB Cylinder at the 1st Inter-national Exhibition on Biomass Power Generation held at Tokyo Big Sight. Detail


We participated in International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference 2016 held at Tokyo Big Sight with an exhibition of room temperature alumina growth technology. Detail


We participated in Semicon Japan 2015 with exhibition of TSV and Charge-up monitor wafers.
We featured the Heat Beam Cylinder and presented how it enables Al2O3 (Alumina) thin film growth at room temperature.
It was very well received, at times with people waiting in line to learn about our capabilities. Technology / Detail


Philtech had moved the head office as follows.
** Location **
5F Yushima Ohta Building
2-29-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
Phone:+81-3-3868-9051 (No change)
Fax:+81-3-3868-9052 (No change)


Japan news paper reported that a team of Philtech, Niigata University, Toshiba, Global Wafers Japan,and Kyusyu institute of technology first succeeded in physically analyzing atom vacancy defects by using a surface-acoustic-wave(SAW) device-embedded test-wafer. News Paper / Published paper


Graphene, that is material gathering worldwide attention, has been grown by using Philtech Heat-Beam CVD tool.Data were opened at a conference, 1st of March. Detail


Nanotech-Business creation Council selected 29 excellent small comapnies changing the world. Philtech , as the company , exhibited products at Nanotech 2013 in Japan. Detail Leaflet of 29 Excellent SMEs


Japan news paper "Fuji Sankei Business i" reported Desk-top Heat- Beam R&D tool and business target. Detail


Japan news paper "Nikkei Sangyo" reported Niigata University succeeded in measurement of atom vacancy in silicon crystal by an ultrasonic surface device on a silicon wafer. Philtech made the special wafer.  Detail


Japan news paper "Nikkei" reported Philtech Heat-beam technology is watched as an attractive technology of Japan. Detail


Philtech had moved the head office as follows.
** Location **
The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza 505
7-3-1 Hongo,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0033
phone:+81-3-3868-9051 (No change)
fax:+81-3-3868-9052 (No change)


Japan news paper "Nikkei" reported Heat-Beam Chemical-Vapor-Deposition production technology. Detail


Tool growing crystal film on an infinite-long substrate in the state of the atmosphere is successfully developed. Details were released in the 16th Symposium of the CVD Reaction Committee held at Tokyo University on August 8th, 2012. Detail


Heat-Beam annealing of a moving substrate up to 1000℃ were updated.  Detail


Philetch serves consulting of heteroepitaxy on an off-axis substrate that is based on practical heteroepitaxy of SiC on off-axis Si substrate filed in 1985 Japan Patent. The LED uses this off-axis technology.  Detail


Technology Page was updated.


Exhibited SEMICON Japan 2009, December 2nd - 4th 2009. Detail


Philtech office moved as follows.
* Date *
From October 19,2009
* Location *
The University of Tokyo Takeda Bldg.307
2-11-16 Yayoi,Bunkyou-ku,Tokyo 113-8656


2009/6/24 -6/26

09/ June / 24 - 26 PVJapan2009, Makuhari messe, Chiba Detail

2009/6/24 -6/26

Heat Beam(HB) technology will be displayed in PVJapan held on June 24 - 26 at Makuhari Messe(Booth #6A-403). Seminar on 25 (start at 11:00AM) will show HB technology to form silicon, dielectrics, conductors on aluminum or Poly-carbonate films.  Detail


Philtech serves a test sample of poly-silicon deposited metal foils. The foils are cusomer's own foils. Philtech also supplies a test sample of a glass substrate with a film heated at a high temperature from 400 to 800℃.  Detail


Philtech has developed an experimental tool to anneal or deposit various films on a substrate keeping the backside at a lower temperature. The substrate larger than 300mm in size can be chosen from materials like glass, device-formed-silicon, plastics, and others.  Detail


Philtech developed a heat beam head to treat films on a substrate at a high temperature over 500 ℃ keeping the substrate at a low temperature blow 300 ℃. Detail


Updated Business page as extension of business.


Filed a patent of conversion efficiency increase technology in a solar cell.


Philtech starts a yield improvement service in an actual tool integration by the charge damage data for simulated contact-hole structures with different antenna ratio varying from 20 to 125000.


07/ Dec./ 5 - 7 SEMICON Japan, Makuhari messe, Chiba Detail


Weibull distribution presentation started as a YST service to compare damage by the common figure of m. Product Outline


New service started to measure the hidden damage by adding charge stress to breakdown : Qbd with Philtech YST. The data is used to improve the process yield. Product Outline


Philtech Releases Comb antenna type charge monitor wafer
Initial I/V characteristics Data service


The request for examination for the patent application #2004-715487, "Semiconductor memory device provided with metal oxide capacitors (Disclosure #2005-260091)", has been submitted



Philtech at SEMICON JAPAN 2006. Detail


Technology page was updated.


Cross-sectional SEM image of Cu-plated 100nm-featured CMP standard TEG: X2005. Detail


Technology page was updated with "Striation-free solution"


Patent page was updated


Ingot specification for high yield" is added in Technology page.


Philtech exhibited products at IITC (2006 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference). Hyatt Regency Hotel, Burlingame, CA Detail


Philtech will hold meeting to understand physics and industrial meaning of atomic defect in the Si substrate that drastically influences on the device yield.


Dr.T.Goto and Dr.H. Yamada-Kaneta directly observed vacancy of crystalline silicon through low-temperature elastic softening that was measured as sound-velocityy lowering. They wrote Philtech contribution of the ultrasonic specimen fabrication in their paper in JPSJ. The observation is the first time in the world. Dr. H. Tsuya, who was with NEC, explained the value in semiconductor industry.


Philtech began a new service to evaluate charge damage by leakage current increase prior to oxide break down. This service is effective to improve the yield and sustain reliability margin in the advanced device field.


Philtech increased the capital to 350,920,000 Jananese Yen.


The Selete, Japan consortium by device manufacturers, showed honor to Philtech, giving a memorial 300mm wafer with thanks-expressing words. Detail


News paper of Nikkei-sangyo wrote Philtech wafer with 20nm-hole that would be indispensable to production tool development and performance test in the future technology node. Detail

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