Philtech will leverage the wealth of scientific knowledge and engineering know-how from the industry-leading semiconductor development experience, and deliver new products and services to contribute to emerging and rapidly growing global markets.

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Business Utilizing scientific knowledge and know how that is derived from decades of cutting edge semiconductor process development, Philtech Inc. started the business of providing fine-pattern test-wafers . These products include Cu interconnection wafers with damascene structure, contact resistance wafers, and ArF-immersion 22nm-featured wafers that meet stringent requirements of device manufacturers for benchmarking. We also provide blank silicon wafers, blanket film wafers, no defect MIT wafers and STI pattern wafers for CMP evaluation.
We are supplying de-facto standard TSV pattern wafers that are essential for developing 3D and wafer stack processes

to achieve ever-higher densities and performance levels. Our charge-damage 300mm-TEG and its measurement service to evaluate plasma damage is highly appraised by customers worldwide.
The Fukushima nuclear plant accident in 2011 made us rethink what science and technology must do for future generations. The huge investments made to advance semiconductor process over past four decades have enriched our knowledge and understanding. We believe it was also an investment in our future, and we are committed to make it so.
We first focused on enabling technology for low cost photovoltaic cell fabrication.

We developed a tool (Heat Beam CVD) to continuously grow crystalline films like poly-silicon on a glass substrate or roll-to-roll steel sheet under ambient conditions.
An air-isolated annealing tool technology, a derivative of Heat Beam, can be the printing technology for indispensable coating materials such as copper, transparent conducting films(ZnO), SOD for the large Flat-Panel-Display fabrication.

We fabricated and exported a tool to grow crystal films for LED.
At Philtech, we will convert scientific knowledge to value for the future generations.

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Philtech provide various advanced services of chip-production , assembling, and procurement Philtech provide various advanced services of chip-production , assembling, and procurement Philtech provide various advanced services of chip-production , assembling, and procurement

We provide various advanced services of chip-production, assembling, and procurement

Philtech's HB Cylinder

Heat-Beam station instantly produces hydrogen without CO.
This Heat-Beam hydrogen technology was exhibited at THE 7th WORLD HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION (July 9th to 12th 2017 at the Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic)