Super Steam Generator / Heat Beam Cylinder
(High efficient compact heat exchanger)

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Philtech provides the most effective TEST WAFERS and High efficient compact sized heat exchanger (Heat Beam Cylinder)

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Philtech provides the most effective TEST WAFERS to accelerate your technology development. Inquiry Page

PhiltechInc. now provides various types of test wafers ranging from blank, thin film-deposited to patterned Si wafers as well as other materials than Si substrate. For ordering patterned wafers, a useful service of mask designing, and glass mask making are available.
Another special wafer service is charge monitor wafers, just so designed to collect charged particles during the wafer

processing and sensitively evaluates its damage, which is available with the 12inch ,8inch size wafer and the chips. Among the Philtech products, the recent hot one is a compact sized, highly efficient heat exchanger (Heat Beam Cylinder) , that can heat up the gas and liquid to extremely high temperature such as 1000 degrees C, efficiently as well as instantaneously. By using this

Heat Beam technology to heat N2 gas for exhaust ducts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, deposition of byproduct onto the inner wall of the ducts can be prevented. In another application, the Heat Beam Cylinder can be used as a Super steam generator when water is heated, while Super steam is expected to be used in many application in the field in a variety of industries.

Super Steam Generator / Heat Beam Cylinder(High efficient compact heat exchanger)

Japanese patent No 5955089

ヒートビームシリンダー ヒートビームシリンダー

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High efficient heat exchange


Specification of Heat Beam Cylinder

* Super steam above 900 degree C --> Many application available
* Compact size --> Super steam generation at customer’s use point
* Super steam generation direct from water --> Boiler less
* Flexible layout --> Series, parallel, vertical, horizontal layout

About super steam

Super steam stands for gaseous water which temperature is higher than saturated steam.
At atmospheric pressure, it is steam hotter than 100 degree C.


Application of Super steam

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Other usage of Heat Beam Cylinder

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Test Wafer


Silicon wafers and wafer processing service

* Bare Si wafer, Blanket wafer, Pattern wafer
* Charge up monitor wafer (200mm and 300mm)
* Charge up monitor chip

Wafer dicing , analysis service also available